The Future of Data Centers and the Value of DCIM Today

data center manager


Here at Emerson Network Power, it’s our job to peer into the future, and anticipate how things will change between now and then.  The more successful we are, of course, the better we can develop and produce offerings that will meet the demands we anticipate will be there.  For instance, we recently issued a report on what data centers will look like more than a decade from now.  The majority of data center professionals we surveyed said they believe at least 60 percent of computing will be cloud-based in the year 2025.  They also think the centers will have a smaller physical footprint and use less power. Continue reading

NAB: Broadcasting the Value of KVM

NAB 2014 Emerson booth

I’m writing this heading back home from the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.  In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the NAB conference is the second largest trade show of its kind in North America, exceeded in size only by the Consumer Electronics Show. Both conferences take over the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, and more than 90,000 attendees show up every year.  NAB’s been called “Disneyland for camera operators” because every major manufacturer shows up touting their latest and greatest. Continue reading